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Student Scholarship of the Holy Cross Greek School

The Greek school of Belmont believes that learning is a lifelong process. Our ancient philosophers said “Γηράσκω αεί Διδασκόμενος” which means “I Always Learn as I Age””. Education is both intellectually and morally intertwined with self-esteem and discipline. The goal of the scholarship committee is to promote the Greek language and/or culture. Thus we are offering one award of $1000.00 each calendar year to a student pursuing studies in the Greek language or leadership in activities promoting the Greek heritage.

The committee will consider the following proposed activities:

  • Attend an educational summer program in Greece

  • Attend a school / college / university in Greece

  • Attend college/university in the USA and participate in a Greek Studies program, or

  • Lead a project enhancing the Greek language or culture in the USA


General Requirements for Scholarship

To qualify for consideration, an applicant for the Student Scholarship needs to:

  1. Be a graduate of the Holy Cross Greek School

  2. Is of Greek descent (father, mother, grandparents or guardian)

  3. Has GPA 3.0 or higher from current junior/high school, college or university

  4. Is a recipient of the Certificate of Attainment in Greek (any level)

  5. Be involved in the Greek community or in activities that promote Hellenism, and

  6. Is between 12 and 25 years old.


Required supporting documents

  1. Documentation of Greek descent (e.g. copy of passport or birth certificate of parent, grandparent or guardian)

  2. GPA official transcript from current junior/high school, college or university

  3. Copy of the Certificate of Attainment in Greek

  4. Letter from the leader of each Greek community organization in which the student is involved OR letter from adult mentor of the activities that promote Hellenism that the student is involved in, documenting student involvement

  5. Two letters of recommendation (by non-family members), and

  6. Statement of purpose regarding proposed activity/project (in Greek).

Terms & Conditions

  • The submission of the application does not imply acceptance

  • Failure to send any documents within the submission deadline implies the rejection of the application

  • By sending this application for a scholarship, the candidate states clearly and irrevocably that unconditionally accepts all terms of this announcement. It further states that the information contained in the application form, the supporting documents and / or other materials, are true and accurate.


Evaluation process

  • The Review Committee recommends, at its own discretion, to the Board of Directors of the Foundation the candidates chosen to award a scholarship

  • The Review Committee reserves the right to request a personal interview of the candidates, if it is deemed necessary


Announcement of results

The announcement of the results will take place by March 1st. The Board of Directors of the Belmont Greek School is wholly responsible for all decisions including final selection of the student to receive the scholarship. The Board of Directors shall, at its own discretion, decide whether or not to award any scholarship in a calendar year. The Board of Directors is neither required to explain the outcome of the application evaluation nor to justify the selection of the student to whom the scholarship is awarded. The 
results will be communicated individually and in writing via email. No information will be given over the phone.


Submission deadline

Postdated by 1st day of February.


How to Apply

Click here to get the application form along with information about the scholarship.

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